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Pet Odor Removal

As much as we love our furry little friends, their odors can be a bit of a nuisance, especially if they’ve set in the rugs, upholstery, and carpets. Our professional Carpet Cleaning Westchester NY services also extend to pet odor removal.

Like our Carpet Cleaning Westchester NY services, our upholstery and area rug cleaning is also trusted by homeowners across the city. Unfortunately, most people ignore their upholstery, and dirt keeps accumulating over time.

But worry not; Westchester Carpet Cleaning can make even the dirtiest couches and area rugs look new. Here are the steps involved in Westchester Carpet Cleaning upholstery and area rugs procedure:

carpet cleaning westchester ny

When you hire us for Westchester Carpet Cleaning, NY, we also ensure pet odor removal in the process because we aim to make your carpet look and smell good. Here’s how the Carpet Cleaning in Westchester process goes:

carpet cleaning westchester ny

Cleanup:  Westchester Carpet Cleaning starts by pulling your carpet up and removing visible dirt and dust from your carpet. In this step, green carpet cleaning Westchester also removes pet accidents and spills.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Enzyme Treatment:  Then, green carpet cleaning Westchester applies an enzyme cleaner to the carpet. The enzyme breaks the sources of the odor in the carpet fibers.

Steam Cleaning: The Carpet Cleaning in Westchester process helps remove pet urine and its odor from the carpets. Additionally, green carpet cleaning Westchester deodorizes the carpets to effectively free them of any foul odors.

We also offer green carpet cleaning Westchester so you can receive the benefits of eco-friendly cleaning agents as opposed to harsh chemicals in your environment.

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